Using psychic powers to find lost things

Using psychic powers to find lost things

One of the most common things psychics are asked is for help finding a lost object. It is possible to find lost things by using extrasensory means, but there are no absolutes in this venture.

Something to remember, sometimes the thing you lost is trying to teach you something. If you have lost your phone, maybe the universe is trying to tell you that you are communicating too much with technology and not enough with other people. If you have lost your wedding ring, is your marriage in trouble? What does the loss of this item mean to you?

If you keep losing this object, should you keep looking? Perhaps it’s not something that you were meant to have. But if you are meant to have this object, you can use psychic powers to help you find it.


Buy or make a pendulum.  It is simple to make one by using some sting and a bolt.  You just tie the bolt to the end of the string. Decide what direction is yes and which direction is no. You can use horizontal and vertical directions or clockwise/counter clockwise.

Sit with your elbow on a table to hold your arms steady while you hold the pendulum and ask yes or no questions.

This is a good way to see if your subconscious actually knows where the object is. If it doesn’t, you may have to try another method.


If you have the ability to feel things in your surroundings, walk around the space where you may have lost your item.  You might feel a hot or cold feeling telling you if you are near to the spot. You could feel a tingling. Don’t let your mind take over.  See what your gut tells you.


Another skill you can use is clairaudience.  First, sit quietly, meditate and ask yourself where the lost object listen to what your spirit tell you.

Something else you can try is claircognizance, or clear-knowing.  Don’t think. Just walk to where instinct tells you.

Spirit Guides
Don’t forget your spirit guide. you can ask them where your lost object is. They may tell you something you don’t want to hear, like you were  never meant to have it

Picture your future self
Try asking your future self where you found the lost object. You are simply depicting where you ask your subconscious to interact with you. It can actually help you picture what you actually did with it.

Don’t give up!

Even if all of these fail, you can try them again.  You never know if you

You can always call a pro

Look for psychics and find one who specializes in lost objects. Once you find one, book a reading.