Angels Using Angel Meditation

Keeping in Touch with Your Angels Using Angel Meditation

Angel meditation is defined as a way for humanity and angels to connect. From the moment we are born, our angels stick by our side. According to God’s requirement, the angels are nearby to protect our life. The angels play an important role as both guide and spiritual teacher. They bless and force us toward spiritual advancement in life. If we look forward to being helped by your guardian angels then you must continue to communicate with them. The angels are always beside us, listening, ready to help. We just have to let them know we need help.

Angelical meditation helps us to connect with our guardian angel so the love and kindness can be felt. In angelica meditation, you are asking the guardian angel to protect, bless, and keep you safe. When practicing angelica meditation, you may enter a state of complete calmness and relaxation as you enjoy the serenity of the moment. The angels are always ready to bless and save you, though you must ask for this favor so they can respond. If you never ask your angels for help, they will not know whether you wish for their support or not. Angelica meditation allows you to communicate.

Using Angel Meditation

The first thing to do is to create a comfortable, distraction free space that is totally quiet. Then, turn off the lights and light a few of your favorite candles. This is to create a peaceful, quiet space all your own. After lighting the candles, get into a suitable position. Start to breathe deeply and slowly, much like other forms of meditation. Now, enter into communication with your angels in one of the ways shared below.


Consider the use of a meditating angel prayer to connect better. This is a combination of prayer and meditation. The strong spiritual practice increases your vibration to a higher level so it is easier to connect. Stay focused on connecting with your angels. Although praying to the angel is a one-directional method, you can receive messages in the future.

Angels as Guides

Place your meditation in your angel’s guidance completely. It is wonderful to believe in your angels and let them control the process totally. In this type of practice, your guardian angels are your meditation teachers. All you must do is receive messages and follow their guidance. This may be an alternative to how you normally think, but you should listen. Trust their direction and believe in your ability to follow the path that they lay forth. This can lead you to a higher spiritual path because angels are messengers of God. They represent God’s strength, so ask for help because they will not refuse. In order to communicate better, try specific phrasing like: “Dear angels of love, help in healing my heart” or “Dear angels of health, assist in healing my mind and body.” The angels will hear your innermost thoughts and assist by guiding you to a healthier lifestyle. There are many angels in the world. You can ask for 72 angels to offer assistance and even connect with the most powerful archangels in the universe. The angels are always by your side.

The guardian angels exist to assist us to overcome spiritual difficulties and lead us into a higher spiritual life. Knowing them and sending a message about your approval with your support, so you have more chances to improve. Angel meditation is proven to be helpful for establishing good communication between us and guardian angels. The more effectively you can interact with your angels, the more positive influence they can offer. Give it a try.