Can you use psychic energy to Reunite With A Lost Love?

Can you use psychic energy to Reunite With A Lost Love?

If you have had a recent break up you may be longing and hoping to get back together. Even if this isn’t a recent break up, you may be wanting to find yourself back in their arms.

How can you have this longing after months or even years? Perhaps you have a psychic connection that is keeping you from moving on.  Now, if your ex has moved on and is happily married with children, you should definitely let go. But sometimes, there is hope.

Ask yourself if you and your ex separated because of a disagreement and not a loss of love. Maybe one of you feared getting hurt and bailed out before that could happen.  That is unfortunate, but it may be the loophole in your breakup that you need.

Even if you haven’t seen your ex in a long time and even if it seems hopeless, you can take steps to bring back your love. If you want to reconnect with your ex, here a few rules to follow:

  • Don’t appear needy by calling and texting constantly. Do keep the lines of communication open but don’t appear forlorn. Remind of how you were at your happiest.
  • Don’t beg. This makes you appear vulnerable and desperate.  Instead, look at what brought you together in the first place. Find a genuinely fun activity you two can share, platonically.
  • Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. Don’t allow yourself to be the late night dalliance or put up with negligence.  Even if you are just meeting casually, don’t allow yourself to be stood up and disregarded.
  • Lower the intensity when you see your ex or even just talk to them, don’t immediately start chattering about getting back together. Don’t say anything negative.  Just focus on positivity so you can build some good energy between the two of you.
  • Focus on you! Don’t wallow in negativity.  Do some things that you enjoy. Do things that make you feel better. Don’t isolate. Embrace your freedom and friendships.
  • Picture your future. Visualize the positive relationship you want to have in the future. Imagine where you want to be.

Everything listed here is important to your well being.  By focusing on yourself in a positive light, you can improve your psychic energy. If a connection still exists between the two of you, that positive energy will draw you back together. Even if it does not, you will still feel better about yourself and that can only be for the best.