Psychic Vampires

Getting Rid of Psychic Vampires

The world has many good things, but it also has a lot of negativity in it. The term psychic vampire refers to people that are using your emotions and your happiness to make themselves feel better.  As you live your life, you have to learn how to repel psychic vampires and to keep them from taking your joy.

Psychic Vampires

Not all vampires are ones that you see on television that suck blood but there are vampires that suck out emotions. These are people that are in your day-to-day life and that make you feel that you aren’t good enough of that you owe them the world. They will give you things and then make you feel guilty for taking them. By just accepting the gifts that they give you, you are going to face manipulation.

You can fight this off by telling them no. You can tell them that you don’t have space or room for the things that they offer you and this will allow them to keep their own gifts or to give them to someone else while you can keep your peace.


Leeches are people that are dramatic and that take off the energies that you have. Is there someone that causes you to feel anxious or that makes you feel upset? This is a psychic vampire. There are people that come in your life and make you feel drained and makes you feel that you are tired and overwhelmed.

There are things that you can do to make yourself be protected such as:

  • Putting up boundaries.
  • Saying no.
  • Not letting others manipulate you.
  • Wearing black tourmaline and other crystals.
  • Bathing with sea salt.
  • Using gem infused mist.


Other people that will drain you are people that are pathological liars. You need to make sure that you have crystals on you when you deal with these kinds of people. You can use crystals to get rid of negative emotions and feelings of others and there are 15 or more crystals that can help you, especially when it’s a full moon.

Other crystals are reiki crystals that work with the chakras to make them even stronger than they would be on their own. You can get these, and they are charged by doing reiki before using the crystals.

Crystals and essential oils are great ways to raise your vibrational frequency. When you raise these things, when you have to deal with a psychic vampire, you can heal on your own. The higher your vibrations are, the better your protections are going to be. A psychic vampire will try to raise their vibrations by your vibrations and by taking away your peace.

Spraying an essential oil or holding a crystal will do some but the best way that you can raise your vibrations is to think about good things and embrace goodness and power. If you are someone that is out in public a lot, try to make sure that you do keep things on you such as a mist, crystals or essential oils that can ward off any negativity on busses, busy streets, or businesses that you visit.

Psychic Vampire Repellent

You can make your own psychic vampire repellent and add the scent that you like the most. You can mist yourself, your job, your area and anywhere that you are. Hopefully this will help to get rid of psychic vampires or at least they might choose to leave you alone.