Using Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life

Using Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life

Living your life each day means that you are talking to yourself in almost all situations. You have self-talk dialogue that becomes a part of your life and becomes a part of who you are, and you use this time of talking to yourself to either put yourself down or to affirm the things about yourself that you find to be true.

Affirmations mean that you make a reality and a worldview of your beliefs and that you form these ideas in your mind. You allow your mind to get instructions from you about who you are and what you can do. These instructions inform you and give you power to be who you want to be and as long as you are being positive, you are not sabotaging yourself with bad behavior.

Affirmation is defined as, “making firm,” and means that something is true. It is something that you can repeat over and over in your mind either out loud or silently and that you can change the way that you think and make yourself have meaningful processes and speech.


Using affirmations on a regular basis allows your mind to work together. The more you think of a thought, the easier it is for that thought to become real to you and to become stronger.

If you don’t write, for example, but you say, “I am looking forward to winning that writing contest,” your mind might decide at first how untrue this statement is, but if you say this over and over in your mind, you will begin to believe this. This will cause the pathway of your mind to move better and you will see that this is acceptable to you and will help you to move in the direction that you are wanting to go.

When you condition yourself, you learn to change your subconscious mind to a place where you can organize your life and manifest things to yourself. This is just a statement that says that you desire something, and you want it, and it allows this thought to bloom.

Positive affirmations can manifest anything into your life that you want. When your manifest things and use positive affirmations, you are choosing to be who you say you are. Whatever you are wishing, say it and use the right speech and you can bring healing and peace into your life. When you talk to others and you are positive, they will also feel whole and feel that you have so much potential.


Now that you understand why affirmations are so important, you can learn to structure your affirmations. Here is how:

  • Be clear and declarative. Learn to express what you are feeling without using too many words. Just get right down to the point of it.
  • Affirmations begin with the words, “I am,” and when you do this, you are telling your mind what you want and who you are. Your mind will begin to believe these things and you will start to believe it no matter if it is true or not.
  • Affirmations can be both spoken and written in the present tense. These are not what you need in the future, but they are what you have now. Your mind does not operate on a future, but it is focusing on what is happening now.
  • Affirmations that are not positive are just negative thoughts. Your mind will not be able to tell the difference between positive and negative words but when you affirm, you will see things differently. Instead of saying, “I don’t want to miss my promotion,” you say, “I cannot wait to see how much money I will make with my promotion.”
  • Affirmations have a lot of power. These things let you see the why’s of what is going on in you and it allows you to let your language flow freely. The more affirmations that you make, the more you will feel that you are ready to face the world. You can transform your reality and learn to change the way that your mind things.


Here are some examples of positive affirmations that you can repeat over and over to yourself:

  • I am strong and happy.
  • I have great relationships.
  • I attract money to myself in all forms.
  • I am very successful, and it flows through me.
  • I love my work and I know my purpose in life.
  • I love who I am and what I do.
  • I am forgiving and compassionate to others.

When to Use Affirmations

You are probably already using affirmations, but you might not even realize it. You have to learn to create a conscious intention when you are doing positive affirmations and here is how:

  • Think about what you want in life and be passionate about it. Write it down and write about 10 things that help you to put it in your mind.
  • Dedicate a time throughout your day when you are going to say your affirmations. Say them in the morning before work and then before you go to sleep. This can help you to have better days. You can also say these when you meditate, and you can engage in repeating them when you are home or when you are out. No matter when you choose to say these, practice them regularly.
  • Practice using affirmations when things get hard. If you are in challenging situations, get rid of your negative thinking and begin to practice your affirmations.


Now that you know what to do, here are some affirmations that might work for you:

  1. Pick a time where you can focus on yourself without being distracted. Say your affirmations then.
  2. Acknowledge that you know that words are powerful and that you want to have a positive life.
  3. Be aware of what your heart and mind want and say your affirmations over and over again. Tell them a few times each when you say them.
  4. Focus on what your heart wants and create a feeling when you say these things. Be thankful for your affirmations working.
  5. Practice every time you can and become conscious of your words.

You can become who you are and tell a real story. Affirmations can give you power to be happy and to be fulfilled in your life. Always speak the truth to yourself and see how your life gets better.