Characteristics Lightworkers Share

Twenty Common Characteristics Lightworkers Share

Lightworkers are people who volunteered, before their birth, to help heal people of the world and ease the impact of fear and anxiety. They do this through spiritual healing and humanitarian work. If they haven’t discovered their calling yet, they will soon. You may be seeking direction and clarity even if you haven’t heard the term “lightworker” before.

To be a lightworker means that your soul is evolved, or quickly evolving. Lightworkers are spiritually inclined and simultaneously have similar experiences and feelings. You may not quite understand what’s transforming within you, or someone close to you may be changing right before your eyes. Cosmic consciousness is on the rise, making this an amazing time to be alive.

Though lightworkers are a diverse lot, they do have some general characteristics in common.

Here are 20 traits lightworkers share:

  1. Lightworkers feel a restlessness in their souls before they discover their purpose. From early on, most of them have felt as though they’re destined to serve a higher purpose. This awareness is painful to bear until they discover exactly what that purpose is. They often feel depressed before they take up spiritual or healing work.
  2. Typically, lightworkers had difficult childhoods. They were lonely and painfully shy and sometimes experienced bullying from other children. They often grew up in broken homes.
  3. Lightworkers are often involved in dysfunctional and unhealthy romantic and family relationships.
  4. As with all people, lightworkers desire acceptance and love. But unhealthy relationships and negative experiences lead them to disengage from others. Many of them overcome this adversity and discover genuine acceptance and love among others like them.
  5. Lightworkers’ solitary natures typically carry over into adulthood. They are socially awkward and spend most of their time by themselves, unless and until they make connections to other lightworkers.
  6. Many lightworkers feel different and alienated. They’re socially uncomfortable and feel like they don’t “fit in” with most other people. They sometimes feel as though even the people closest to them don’t truly understand them.
  7. Lightworkers are highly empathetic and sensitive. They’re compassionate and can feel other people’s pain and by nature, they’re driven to heal and help. They can be so focused on other people’s needs and wants that they can’t turn down any request, so they’re often taken advantage of by other people.
  8. Lightworkers are emotional. It’s not unusual for them to cry. They readily weep over sappy television commercials and sad movies.
  9. When it comes to possessions, lightworkers are not at all materialistic. They have little interest in jewelry and fashion. They’re not concerned with social status and couldn’t care less about popularity.
  10. Lightworkers have no regard for popular culture. They generally don’t keep up with current trends and events. They don’t read or watch the news if they can avoid it.
  11. Lightworkers are generous, polite, and gracious, and may have traditional manners. They’re slow to anger, but if they do get angry, they don’t freely show it.
  12. Even when attacked, lightworkers rarely fight. They’re peaceful and non-confrontational and don’t fire the first shot. They avoid competition with a similar attitude.
  13. A lightworker is far more likely to stand up for somebody else than to fight for themselves. They may refuse to acknowledge when they are not treated fairly. But if someone else is attacked, they jump in to protect them.
  14. Lightworkers love animals and nature. They’re concerned about the environment and health issues. Many use natural products, eat natural foods, and are vegetarians. They’re avid environmentalists and may even protest, but they will not damage property or injure people.
  15. Lightworkers always heal or help. They become volunteers or choose careers in medicine, counseling, teaching, social work, or alternative healing. Whether they work on behalf of humanity as a whole or a single individual, they must contribute to overall healing and well-being. Once they begin to help people, their earlier adjustment issues disperse. As they age, lightworkers become soul magnets that draw other lightworkers into their lives.
  16. Many lightworkers are “otherworldly” and supernaturally inclined, so they’re attracted to metaphysical endeavors such as mystical arts, astrology, psychic readings, and energy healings.
  17. Lightworkers are fascinated by historical civilizations, such as the Mayans, Atlantis, and ancient Egypt, where they may have lived in a previous incarnation.
  18. Lightworkers are often science fiction and mythology buffs and may be experts on fictional universes such as Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Halo, as well as urban legends surrounding Sasquatch, black-eyed children, Area 54, and others.
  19. Lightworkers are creative and find contentment in painting, designing jewelry, writing music, and teaching yoga. Their music and art are always healing and inspirational.
  20. Lightworkers are rarely bored and never boring. They dream colorful, detailed dreams. Even when they’re trying to hide out, they’re involved in multiple metaphysical or supernatural circumstances.

You may feel trapped in pain and loneliness, but if you think you may be a lightworker, it’s up to you to discover what that involves. Study energy work and energy healing. Light is energy and so are you, so become more familiar with it. Your healing process must begin with you. Take gentle care of yourself. Try meditating or doing yoga every day.

Open up your spiritual doors and windows to find your soul group. You’ll recognize their shining lights. If you’re struggling, pair up with a mentor or a teacher to help you open your soul and discover your true path.

The fact that you’re reading this blog post is a fairly reliable indication that you’re a lightworker. There are many other souls like you just waiting to be discovered. So, breathe deeply and remind yourself that you aren’t alone. You have some important things to do. Now is your time to shine!