Signs You Have Lived A Past Life

Signs You Have Lived A Past Life

Do you ever want to know more about your past? Do you ever sit around and wonder what your past life was like and about the people you met and the things that you had done? Have you ever met someone that you instantly connected with and felt like you have known them your whole life?

One interesting thing is that you might have these feelings forever. This could have been someone that you have met in your past life. There are signs that you have met someone in your past life, and this can help to open up your mind.

Signs of Having a Past Life

Here are some signs that you may have had a past life:


Do you have dreams that come back over and over again? Do you have scary dreams that upset you? If you have had strange dreams, this can mean that you are seeing things from your past life.

The dreams that you have can be part of your past life memories. If you want to remember these things and have a chance to compare them, take time to journal these dreams. This can help you to pay attention if the dream repeats and to see anything you might have missed.

Dreams can be confusing, and people interpret them differently but if you have recurring dreams, write them down.

Déjà vu

Déjà vu is something that you feel that you have done before. This can feel like you have been through the same thing or been to the same place before. Here are some things about déjà vu:

  • This is a feeling that you have done the same thing before.
  • This is a feeling that comes when you hear a song or smell something.
  • This is a feeling that you have been somewhere before.

If you experience these things, chances are that you are experiencing something from a past life. Sometimes this will make you know that you have experienced it before.


Do you have memories of things that you do not recall doing? Do you have memories that leaves your families shocked that you know certain things?

This can happen because you remember things from your past life. If this happens a lot, you are gathering facts about your past and this can be new memories that you want to write down.

Phobias and Fears

Do you have strange fears or phobias that you do not know where they came from? Are you afraid of something like spiders and you don’t know why?

If you are someone that has these unexplained fears or phobias, chances are that something happened in your past life that causes you to be afraid now. These fears can help you to connect to your past life and pay attention to these signs.


Having a soulmate can be a big sign of a past life. Soulmates come to make you learn a lesson and to correct things that you have done in your past life.

Soulmates are there to complete business in your life and if you have a soulmate, chances are that they are from your past life.

You can figure out more about yourself when you deepen your connection with your soulmate.

Old Soul

One sign of having a past life is being an old soul. If you have always felt older than others or if you are attracted to a certain historical time, you might have been born over and over again.


Do you feel attracted to certain cultures and not have a real reason for it? There are times where you will be attracted to cultures because you have been part of that culture in your past life.


People often have birthmarks, and these marks can be a sign from a different time. If you look at your birthmark, it could be from your past life.


If you are someone that has habits that you cannot seem to keep in control, this can mean that you are living things from your past life.

Pay attention to your habits and find out if they are part of your past life.


Maybe you believe that you have had a past life. Chances are that you will have memories, or you will have odd things that happen to you. These things can be part of your mind and part of your subconscious mind of your past life.

Reincarnation is something that people believe means that you have lived more than one life. Since the soul never dies, you can be reincarnated into a different body. If you are curious if you have been reincarnated in your life, pay attention to the signs, and see if you can remember things about your past.

There is no scientific proof about reincarnation but if you have had any of these signs, what does that mean to you?