The basics of reading tea leaves

The basics of reading tea leaves

It is no secret that people have been looking for signs from the universe to help them understand the world around them. To help them the used what was handy to help them with divination. This included paper, wine, stones and, after the 16th century, tea leaves.

After drinking the tea seers would look at the shapes and patterns left in the cup by the wet tea leaves. Next, they would interpret them. This method of divination is still used today.

Even though it takes a lot of practice to master the art of reading leaves, it can be a fun venture to try at home.

Trying this will help you learn how to look beyond your consciousness and learn a little about yourself.

Here is how it works; first collect your materials and gather your thoughts. You will find black tea leaves in a wide and shallow white cup easiest to read.  While you prepare your tea, think about what you want to learn about yourself.  Your energy will help create the images that you will see.

When you brew the tea, don’t use a strainer, tea ball, or infuser. Just use hot water over the leaves. When it cools off, drink your tea as you think about  what you want to know. It will help to see the energy transfer from you to the leaves.

When you finish you tea, swirl the final swallow with the leaves. Next, place a saucer over the cup and slowly turn it over to drain out the extra liquid.

Now look into the cup. What do you see? Jot down the first thing it makes you think of. Let your instincts lead you.

There are a few common symbols, such as an anchor which means luck in business and a stable love life. Seeing a bird means a journey and good fortune. A butterfly indicates pleasure and success while a castle means good luck. A sharks means imminent danger. A wheel indicates change and progress.

It’s not just what appears, where it appears is also important. If an image appears at the bottom of the cup, it means distance.  Pictures near the edge of the cup means recent or upcoming change. If the image is on the opposite of the handle, it means that the sign pertains to other people.  If you can’t discern any image and only see a big lump, that may mean that there is trouble ahead.

Reading tea leaves has a rich history and there is a lot to learn about it.  The main thing to remember when it comes to reading leaves is to rely on your instincts and let your subsconsicous guide you.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to reading tea leaves, but a little guidance in symbol interpretation and — most importantly — listening to your instincts can greatly help you get started.