Superpowers Inside

Superpowers Inside That are Often Forgotten

Have you ever been in a situation in your life or in a place in your life where you have had complete happiness and peace? If you have been there, how long were you in that situation or are you still?

Some people can only find that peace and happiness when they meditate or when they close their eyes. They feel that their life is so busy and that they have to always be pleasing other people and this causes them stress and frustration.

Others feel that when they dream, they are able to escape the world and their emotions and the experiences that they have causes their conscious mind to struggle.

Most of the time people only imagine what life would be like to be completely happy and most people are not really unhappy or happy but just in a place in between where joy and sadness live.

We all have a superpower inside of ourselves that can help to bring us happiness and love. This is having self-love.

When we were born, we were taught how to act, what to do, what to think and who we are. We have heard people tell us things, promise us things, teach us, and show us how to act and respond in life and it has often caused people to live in fear and worry that they cannot live up to the world around them.

Here are some things that could happen:

  • You have heard your whole life that things have always been done a certain way and it causes you to be afraid to fail if you chose to do it differently. You might worry about being put down or failing.
  • Chances are that you were told that everyone else is doing it and you need to do it as well and this left you fear about being rejected or left out.
  • Someone has probably told you that you need to live your life a certain way and instead of doing what you want in your life, you choose to do what everyone else wants so that you don’t disappoint anyone.

All of the negative words and impact that you have heard over and over again can cause you to have beliefs that are hard to change.

Of course, having some fear can protect you and keep you from making terrible choices but we often choose not to go beyond what we think we can perfect because we are afraid that we will fail.

When we live like this, we set rules for ourselves and we choose to take challenges that we know that we can win at instead of reaching further to better ourselves.


One of the biggest fears that most people have is worrying that they are not good enough. We worry that we will never measure up to others and it leaves people feeling insecure and fearful.

When you feel that you are not good enough, you have a hard time being courageous and fighting against fear.

Here are some things that you can say to yourself and build your self-love:

  • Even though things have always been done a certain way, I can change it a little to make it better for everyone and beneficial for all.
  • The way that everyone else is doing things is not always right and instead of listening to the media and others, I will stand up and do things my way.
  • I am going to live my life the way that I want, and I will listen to the thoughts and opinions of others and make my own choices for what’s best for me.

When you learn to love yourself more, you become satisfied in your life. You can be inspired by things and people around you without worrying about failing or about not being good enough.

Learn to value who you are and what you do, and you will see that you can love yourself unconditionally. No matter what happens in your life, do what makes you happy.

Be loving and gentle to yourself. Love yourself with everything that you have and then share yourself with the world. When you love yourself first, you will see that others can love you right back.