Getting Rid of Your Blueprint

Getting Rid of Your Blueprint

Everyone in their life has things that keep them trapped and sometimes even in prison in their life. They have things and people that come that bring negativity into their life. There are also sicknesses and diseases that can come to people.

Some things that can hold people back are genetic diseases, disorders, mental disorders, psychosis, M.S., bi-polar, depression and more. This is nothing more than a blueprint and even though your suffering feels real, it will cause your behavior and your functions to change.

Getting rid of the blueprint can be hard but there is karmic body removal that you can do. You can get rid of these things because they are not attached to demons. The way that you were born will change the way that your life works. This is not anything that will benefit you.

When you have pain and hurt in your life, you will have to figure out what the blueprint of your sickness and disease is and find out how it affects your life journey.

Once you remove the blueprint, you will see that you can do things in your life that will help you to reach your higher self and to be better in your life. There are things that cause you to complain and to speak negatively, these are things that you have to remove out of your life.

Examples of Things Holding You Back

Things such as depression, fear or trauma might hold you back. You have to learn to reach your higher self and to turn these things off that are causing you stress. You might have to deal with things such as poverty or cancer or even the flue.

You can ask your higher self to get rid of disorders and to release you from things such as:

  • Dementia
  • Autism
  • Schizophrenia
  • Jealousy
  • Not being good enough
  • Stress

There are ways that you can switch these machines off so that they are no longer bothering you. You can do this because this is part of the program.


Addictions are things that you switch off differently. This can get rid of things such as:

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug addiction
  • Food addiction
  • Gaming addictions
  • Sex addictions

Chakra Strengthening

You can use the blueprint to help you to change your energy system and to balance your chakras. You can stop the chakras from being blocked and learn to deal with your past.

The blueprint will need to have a few months in order to manifest. You can connect with your higher being and this will help you to manifest energy into your physical body.

The negative energies will often leave you drained and will cause you to be sick. Once you remove these negative energies, it can take a few months for your body to renew.

Removing karma that is negative can help you to feel better in your energy system and you can learn to program your life so that you can not feel attached to these things.

The blueprint removal is easier than fighting off the energies that go into your body. The energy system will help you to see the planet form a different point of view. The energy attachments need to be broken to get rid of negativity out of your system.