Twin Flame Stages

Twin Flame Stages

You have most likely heard about soul mates, but you might not really think the concept is true and think that it is a fantasy.  The truth is soul mates do exist and these are a deeper connection.  Some people call these twin flames.

A twin flame is a relationship and can still have problems and do not always last forever but they are known for happiness and growth.

A twin flame is like a mirror to your soul.  This is a type of bond that you will have with someone and is a connection that you will not have with most people.  It is thought that the soul can split into two parts and so that means that it can go into two bodies.

Twin Flame Versus Soulmate

A soulmate is a person that shares the same energies that you have but has never been connected or existed in part with you. This makes a soul mate and a twin flame on different levels.

Even though a soulmate is important, connecting with your twin flame is much more significant and will lead to romance, or a very intense relationship.

Having a twin flame means that you will meet this person at some point in your life.  The two of you will connect in ways that is like a magnet.  You will know that you are connected with them because you will immediately feel that you have known them all your life.  This is the person that has the other half of your energy and can bring you wholeness.

The relationship will be tense at first because a twin flame mirrors the other person and the person will make you feel whole.  They will increase your self-knowledge and show you that you have flaws.  This can also bring conflict but there are ways to stay happy and healthy in this relationship.  You have to learn to love yourself as part of loving your twin flame because they are part of you.

This love has to be honest and has to always be unconditional or else you will always reject your twin flame.

Knowing You Have a Twin Flame

There are ways that you will know that you have a twin flame such as always knowing what the other person is thinking and they can do the same with you.

You will share the same interests with them and will love the same types of books and hobbies.

Sometimes, you will share the same feelings and emotions and if you are feeling sad, they probably are too.  Sometimes you will finish each other’s thoughts and sentences.

You might feel that you are wanting to be close to them and have a strong physical pull.

There are chances that you will have the same types of dreams and the messages of the dreams will be the same.

Your twin flame will be someone you can talk to without saying words.  You can communicate what is happening around you and they will know.

The parts of you that are hard to understand are the parts that your twin flame will know about you and understand.

You will build each other up but you will also have the same weaknesses and faults.

The twin flame will help you to feel that you are a real person and will let you be who you are.

Stages of Twin Flames

A twin flame is a special thing and you need to understand how the relationship will work.  This will be a new part of you and a new life for you and you have to understand that it is new, and it takes growth and change.


When you first find someone, you will realize they are your twin flame.  You have to search your life to make sure that you are able to be ready when you meet this person.

Keep a journal and stay engaged in your spiritual being.


When you meet your twin flame, it will bring about a type of awakening where you see that you have met your person.  This can be intense and can be surrounded with a strong bond that you have never felt with someone else.

Test Them

Make sure that you are willing to test your twin flame to make sure that they are really your person.  This is where you will start having boundaries and that you will limit the time you spend with them.

This happens once you have gotten to know them and you are seeing that this needs to be a meaningful relationship.  This is where you will negotiate being together and what your future will look like.

Remember, you will have conflicts with your twin flame just like with other relationships, but you will be able to resolve these and stay together.


Being with your twin flame can be like nothing you have ever experienced.  It can have a stage where things are unpleasant and there are problems.  This is a learning time and a time where it creates a stronger bond for you and your twin flame.  This can relate to grief or betrayal and can be struggles that you have.

Even though you are meant to be together, this is a time when twin flames sometimes choose to be apart from one another.  If you can get through these times though, you will be stronger than ever.

Running and Chasing

Not matter what kinds of problems you face, there will always be a running and chasing phase.  This is when you will be on either side and it might even change roles here and there.

This is when one of you will distance yourself and the other one will try to chase and make the bond stronger.

This stage stops when the running twin stops trying to get away from you and you decide that you want to be together and that this is getting out of control.


When the surrendering stage comes, the person will start to give up on the needs so the relationship can be in their control.  You have to make sure not to give up on your connection and accepting things from your destiny.

This can be when positive realization comes, and you know that you can trust that the universe will take care of you.

This is only a progress of stages that you go through and if you work on issues then you can find the issues that cause you problems.  You have to work to make sure there are no negative feelings about yourself or about your twin flame.


When you and your twin flame move to this stage, you will feel that you have balance.  Even though the other stages were challenging, if you are attracted to each other then you will have found this undeniable love.

This joining will be physical and will be a place where two of you can come back to the same area physically and spiritually and it can bring peace and understanding.

If you can make it through the challenging parts, then you will be able to get to the joining stage and then the hard work will be over.

You will now just need to live and be complete in each other.