Healing Your Heart Chakra

Healing Your Heart Chakra

When you want to see where unconditional love comes from, it is from the heart chakra.  The easiest and best way to heal a broken heart after a breakup is to meditate and to pray.

Your heart chakra is open and can help you to love others unconditionally.  Even if someone hurts you, you will have the higher spirits that will soften your heart and heal it.

Some suggest that when you are not able to get over a broken heart that it is because you still have feelings for someone or something that you never finished.  This could happen after a breakup and this could also be that you weren’t treated right.

You might feel that if only things were different that it would have been better, but the breakup is something that would not be able to be avoided.  You might blame the other person, and this can cause you to stay angry and to blame others.  These emotions cause you to have lower vibrational frequencies.

Unconditional love is the only thing that can heal you and with pink light, you will feel healing through your heart chakra.  Here are some ways to do that:

  • Sit quietly
  • Meditate
  • Be still and deep breathe

Once you meditate, you will feel better, but this will not completely get rid of your problem.  You must have complete healing to be better.

Next, close your eyes and imagine that you see a green light.  See a white light going into your chest.  It is easier to see your chakra when it is in front of you and you can imagine it.

Send the opening some pink light and send it to the higher power.  Ask the spirits to give you an infinite spirit and to show you healing and to release you from your pain.

Know that you are your own healer and that you can complete this with your spirit guides.  Say a prayer and a shift will come and you will feel relief and happiness.

If you need to, go to a professional psychic to help you to meditate and release this negative feeling.

Continue to keep your eyes closed and imagine a green light.  This is your energy center.  Ask the spirits to help you forgive and to get over the hurt that you felt.  Ask them to make you aware of what was done to you and why they hurt you.

Allow the spirits to help you forgive and show you what you need to make the relationship better.  Let the love inside of you heal you and bring you power.  Give you grace and light.  Ask the spirits to give you back your energy and to connect you with your spirit source and not people.

Keep praying until you feel a shift.


Once you meditate allow yourself to have a new beginning.  Open your eyes and see if there is a symbol or a sign like the numbers 11 or 33.

Allow yourself to be healed from your past relationship and give you a higher vibrational frequency.  New love is now possible.  This is the way that you can release people and heal over a loss loved one.