Is Your Child Psychic?

Is Your Child Psychic?

Most parents think their child is special, but some believe that their child has special abilities or that their child might even be psychic.

Your child might mention things that happen or come true or your child might describe something in your past that happened.

These are things not to be afraid about, but you need to look for signs to see if your child has these special abilities:


Children that are psychic seem to be able to see beyond what other people can see and have more than a normal perception of things.  Some of this has to do with empathy because empathy is able to see things from someone else’s perspective.

Psychic children are not just one thing that children have, some can feel the emotions of other people and know what people are feeling even without them saying what it is.  They have empathy that is beyond what other people have and they might not know how to use it or express it.

Sensitivity to Nature

Another ability that you might notice is that your child is sensitive to what is going on around them in nature or in their own world.  Maybe they can feel strong energy of people that live by them or sometimes they might feel energy of spirits.  Sometimes the environment will tell them what to feel and show them things.

These children might be able to pick up on these energies at a bigger degree than adults, but the problem is that since they are so young that they might not know how to express what they are seeing or feeling.

People Want to Be Around Them

Has anyone ever told you how special your child is, or have you ever noticed that people want to hang around them and be around them more than other children?  Children that a psychic have a way of taking in the energy around them so they often times have a lot of positive energy.  Since children have these positive energies, people want to be close to them so that they can have the feelings that will make others feel better about them.


Psychic kids sometimes are able to use their abilities to talk and communicate with animals.  Children that are able to communicate without talking or gestures are sometimes able to speak to animals and connect with them beyond what other people can.  If your child seems to love animals and they love them, chances are they are communicating with each other.

Predicting Events

Children will sometimes surprise you about events.  They might say that someone is a bad person, or they might feel the sadness of someone without talking to them.  Your child might refuse to go somewhere because they have a feeling that they shouldn’t be there because the energies might not be good for them.

Communicating with Spirits

If your child talks about talking to relatives that have died or remembered loved ones that died before they were born, chances are they are speaking to these loved ones in the spirit.  This is a sign that the child might be a psychic because they are able to make connections beyond the world.  These children can communicate because they do not use vision to do so but beyond actually seeing.

Some children will also speak to people in the other world.  When your kid seems happy doing this, it is not something to be afraid of.  Not all spirits are bad or want to harm you and if your child seems happy, let the spirits guide their life.

Past Life

Sometimes a child that is psychic will see beyond the world and will have memories from a past life.  They might remember being on the ocean or being in a certain house that they have never visited.  This can be a sign that they are psychic.


One of the bad things about being a psychic is the inability to sleep or having patterns of sleep that are disrupted.  In the unconscious world, there are things that are seen beyond this world.

If a child has these abilities, this world can be intense and can cause your child to not be able to sleep well.  Whatever causes the problem in their sleep pattern, it is important for you to be there for them when they wake up.  Children that have these abilities need to be nurtured and to feel that they are safe and protected.


Kids that have these special abilities are very creative.  They take inspiration from somewhere else and are able to do things that some people cannot even do.  They see things beyond a limit, and they want to make projects and are encouraged by activities that let them do their own creative thing.  This is a great way they can express themselves.

How To Help Your Child if They Are Psychic

It is important that you listen and believe your child and support them if they are psychic.  Always try to listen and to show belief in what they tell you.  Ask them to talk to you and always communicate with them.  Show that you are open and that you are ready to listen to anything that they have to tell you.  Always be comforting to them.

Try not to be afraid or to show fear.  Showing fear can cause them to close down and show them that they are doing something that is harmful to them and this is not.

Psychic Protection

Children that have these gifts can be drained fast from their energy.  It is important to teach them some techniques so that they can stay protected.

You can teach them to ground themselves and teach them things like meditation and yoga.  When they are stressed, show them how to do these things to calm down.  You can also teach them to imagine being in a bubble so that they can be surrounded by positive energy and keep the negative energy out.

Tell Them They Are Special

Children with these gifts can feel that they are strange or weird.  This makes them feel different.  Try to figure out a way to make them feel normal and to never feel bad about having a gift.

Tell them that there are children and adults that have these same gifts and show them that the gifts make them special and not strange.  Tell them that you will help them to find other people with the same gifts if they want you to and let them know that they are not alone.

Ask How You Can Help

When you listen to your child, find ways that you can offer your support.  Ask them if they are afraid and what you can do to give them comfort.  Talk about their special abilities and find out how you can help them to manage their energy.  Find different ideas to help them.

If you need to, put a nightlight in their room to make them feel better or get them a noise maker.  Do not just assume this will help them, ask them first and make sure what they say is important and valid to you.

Healthy Life

Encourage your child to eat healthy and to have a variety of different foods that will help keep them healthy.  Also, encourage them to exercise and move around.  Feed them food that will give them a good diet because it takes a lot of energy to be a psychic.

Help your child stay connected to all of the positive energies and by helping them to stay more balanced can help them with this.  Strive to be a place that offers love and understanding.

Moving can be healthy and positive and it can benefit your child to move and to stay active.


Journal what your child experiences and ask your child to keep one too.  If they are dreaming, have them write them down.  This can benefit them emotionally and this can help them to understand what they are experiencing.  Look at patterns and see if you can tell the difference in what is happening and what is occurring.

Keep Quiet

Not everyone will think that having a psychic child is a good thing so be mindful about who you tell about your child’s gift.  Do not talk about it to someone that is against it or someone that might think your child is strange.

Follow your heart and talk to your child about rather they want to talk about their gift or not.  This can be hard for your child because they will not want to look different than other children.  Your child might be afraid to open up, but people might not be very accepting either.  The gifts your child has should not be shameful but should be something you and your child are proud of.

Let Them Be a Child

The last thing that you should do is to know that your child is a child and let them be that way.  Let your child do what other children do such as play and have fun.  Just because they have psychic abilities doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have a normal life.  Love them and be a good parent to them.  Give them the same opportunities that you would give another child.

Just because your child might be psychic does not make them who they are.   Allow your child to have other interests and to find their own path in life and in their gifts.  Let them be who they are and love them and offer them as many opportunities that they want to have.