The Elements

The Elements

Fire plus water are driven by emotions

Fire and water are elements of the emotional body. Drama, passion, intensity, and enthusiasm are outwardly expressed by fire, while WATER is the inner experience of emotion, especially letting us know how we affect the feelings of others and how those people’s emotions impact us.

Individuals tend to express themselves more strongly than they actually feel since they have several planets in fire and few in water. In addition to this, individuals with more planets in water signs and few in a fire more deep than they express themselves outwardly to others.

Fire and water signify a person comes into conclusions, make decisions and is controlled by their emotions rather than considerations of the mind.


Elements of the mental body consist of Air and Earth. Air rules brilliance, mathematics, music, ideas, and theories since it is the abstract component of the mind. Earth mostly pays attention to tangible results rather than intangible ideas since it is the practical portion of the mind.

Individuals who have several planets in air signs and few in earth tend to be less practical and too mental and intelligent.  They may put a lot of work into creating something but leave it without reaping the fruits of their labor.


Both fire and water are opposite components of the emotional body. Water signifies feelings that we encounter deeply and do not express while fire involves passion, inspiration, enthusiasm and all forms of outward emotional expression.

There are four placements in fire signs:




A person is likely to express emotions theatrically than what they actually experience inside if the fire possesses more planets than water.


Both earth and fire are opposite components of the mental body. Earth is responsible for tangible results and not intangible ideas.

Earth individuals consider endless historical discussions to be a waste of time.

If an individual has several planets in earth signs, their approach in life ensures they make well material preparations for the future. They recognize the practical importance, therefore they will still do it even if they are not motivated by money and don’t enjoy the process.

Earth individuals easily get stuck when they are working on a personal problem since they have to go over it again and again.

Patience is therefore recommended here.