Seeing a Psychic for the First Time

Seeing a Psychic for the First Time

Everyone remembers their first time.  The nerves, the anticipation, the bravery it takes to venture into the unknown.  Seeing a psychic for the first time can be a life-changing experience.  These intuitive people are powerful guides who help us navigate pressing questions and concerns in our lives.  They tap into our energy fields and can communicate with our Spirit Guides, as well as angels or Ascendant Masters.  Psychics are able to assess your potential path as it is shaped at the exact moment you speak to them. They then provide you the tools and insight to help you shape the future to help you reach your full potential.  The most powerful aspect of a reading is the ability to see the path of your question and being gifted the ability to make more informed choices.  It shifts the unknown and anxiety into more hope-filled opportunities.

We all have the ability to sense what is occurring within our mind, body and spirit.  However, we fail to grasp the full scope of what is happening and how our energy fields process a given situation.  Psychics, are knowledgeable on areas like auras or qi, and can help provide words to give clarity to our sensations.  Their interpretations help provide vital insights so we can make informed decisions about the future as well as provide us a sense of reassurance.

Begin by getting a recommendation.  You will feel more comfortable meeting a psychic vetted by a person you trust.  Also, you will feel like the money and time you invest in this consultation will be well spent.  During the session if you are more at ease, your spirit will be more open to receive messages and create decisions that are best for your life.  Although going into your first session might be nerve-wracking, maintaining a willingness to listen to the psychic’s message will provide you at least one or two fascinating items to mull over in your mind.

Focus on a particular question you have about your life in the present moment.  The future is influenced by choices we have made in the past and most importantly, the present.  Psychics or other intuitive people aren’t able to give you concrete answers about the future.  They are reading your energy and facilitating messages from the other side.  This allows you to make more informed decisions about areas of uncertainty in your life.

Maintain clear and concise communication with the psychic about your goals for the reading.  You only get a fixed period of time with a psychic and its unfeasible to hear every message that could come through.  By setting expectations with the psychic at the onset of the reading you can maximize your time and focus on the most pressing issues you are currently facing.  Goal-setting also will benefit the psychic by allowing them to not be overwhelmed energetically and tap into the messages that will be more impactful for you.

Understand that messages for your questions can arise from unexpected places.  Something we experienced in our past lives or our childhood can cause long-lasting ripples in our present day.  Maintain your openness and curiosity and you might be rewarded with “Now I understand why…” insights.  Having a free-flowing and direct line of communication can allow the psychic to relay to you if there is a message for you that you might not be hear.  That will give you the power to make the choice to reexamine if you want to hear this message or not.  If you aren’t ready to hear it, you may find that you built some trust with this psychic and be inclined to schedule a future session when you feel ready to receive insight on this issue.

If your reading was impactful, be willing to have a future session with the same intuitive.  Psychics can be your partner in your spiritual wellness, much like a doctor cares for your body or a therapist cares for your mind.  Having multiple sessions allows you to build trust and a spiritual skill set.  Many people choose to see a psychic one or two times a year.  Major crossroads in our lives can require a neutral and talent third party to help us understand our potential choices and any outcomes.  Their talents can provide a safe space for you to explore more deeply issues causing you inner turmoil.  You may choose to use these additional sessions to gain knowledge on how to better understand your own intuition or how to receive messages trying to reach you.  The goal for each session is to keep yourself open to possibilities, be clear in your communication and be willing to see your psychic as a partner for your spiritual growth.