All the things you have to know about the controversial 13th zodiac sign

All the things you have to know about the controversial 13th zodiac sign

When several outlets reported that there has always been a constellation and a zodiac sign later, the internet panicked.  That is astronomy that cannot be denied first of all. However, several individuals believed the existence of the constellation means they are not in the same place they were 3000 years ago. Astronomers will not air their view on that part, but not all astrologists believed that our signs have shifted either.  Here are things you have to know about the Ophiucus constellation.

According to well-known figures in astrology, Ophiucus doesn’t change anything

Susan Miller told ELLE that there are several constellations if anybody wants to get right down to it. So I wonder why everything is going gagger about this one.

The same thing NASA did in the original report that astronomy and astrology are not the same was pointed out recently by the astrotwins. The zodiac sign that has always been located is based on a western, “artificial system” while everybody, of course, can attest to the fact that constellations have shifted with the earth over time.  Zodiac dates regardless of what’s going on in the stars because the system is based on the sun and how the planet revolves around it.

Astrologists who believe everyone’s sign has changed are those who participate in eastern astrology which follows the zodiac based on constellations and not signs.

Below are the qualities of an Ophiucus according to Zodiac Books

Unity was represented by house ophiucus. Its individuals were spirited, flamboyant, clever, magnetic, impulsive and temperamental, power-hungry at times. The hoped to one day rid the zodiac of every ailment since they were healers. They aimed to bring everyone closer together.

Ophiuchans were naturally affiliated with snakes. And there was a special serpent in particular with whom a psychic connection was created with their house’s Zodiac.

Ophiucus developed a scaly skin upon entering their teenage years to protect them from other creatures that may bite.

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