Reiki and the Chakras

Reiki and the Chakras

Reiki is something that can speed up your journey and help you to see your spiritual gifts faster.  The Reiki practitioners go through a process of being attuned to the chakras and they have learned to locate them within the palms.  They also are able to heal and use symbols to move the energies around.

Chakras and Energy

When a Reiki is able to be attuned, the chakras of them are opened and they are able to move on their path to spirituality.  They are able to use their energy and light to clean and open the chakras so that they can work at their best.  If someone falls out of touch with the Reiki, then the chakra will remain sensitive and will be able to use the healing and symbols in the right way.  The practitioner can use the energy but will lose it if it doesn’t fit their purpose.  When the chakra is ready, it will give spiritual gifts and will take you to a higher level and show your abilities.

The person that has higher vibrations will be able to see the chakras opening and the energy level lowering.

Higher Powers

When a person is in tune with the Reiki there are guides that help through the journey.  There are divine guides that can help with healing and can locate a body that would need healing.  It can give information about what is out of balance or find out what the disease is and how it should be healed.

Spiritual Gifts

The spiritual gifts are limited based on the practitioner and how they feel the energy.  When the energy shifts, it can leave them feeling hindered and during a Reiki session, the practitioner must be tuned in to the areas that the client is holding on to and help them to clear the blocks around the aura.  Healing the physical body can be helpful since this can show what energies are needed.

Energetic Body

Clearing and balancing the body can increase the vibrations and allow the person to have more energy.  When the energy is met part way, the person is able to communicate with the spirit and connect with them through feeling and seeing.

Reiki works to help the mind prepare for more gifts.  Anytime that things are being put your way, emotions go into action and can cause the body to be unbalanced.  This can change the thinking pattern and cause the mind to use the patterns of thinking and learning.  There are some reasons the chakra is out of balance and resolving the issues can help the mind to quiet down.  Most people have a hard time trusting their intuitions and they need to be still so they can achieve the best state of mind with less stress.


If a person is using their perception, then they can use the Reiki to access the past and present memories.  This can change their energy patterns and cause them to be able to use their memories to resolve things that are not good for them.

They can also use the future to change the low energy and bring more energy into other things.

Preparing the Spirit

The Reiki works by using the spiritual level to prepare the mind and let the whole body be ready.  This allows people to hear what they hear and what they need to know.  If you are a practitioner or a client, then using Reiki can help you on your journey.