Energy is the road map influencing our results

Energy is the road map influencing our results

After a recent chakra activation training, I started reflecting on something I said during that event. It made me think a lot about receiving.

We are the ones influencing our manifestation abilities and the most important thing about that is how we are setting the boundaries and standards in our life for what we are welcoming.

All of us have a set of boundaries and standards we have put in place for what we both receive and attract into our life.

We call these beliefs and limiting beliefs in the personal development world.


This term “ego” usually gets a lot of bad rap.

I have heard all sorts of crazy of the years:

The ego is bad. When I get rid of my ego, I receive enlightenment.

How can I get rid of my ego?

I do not encounter negative emotions but positive vibes all the way.

Our ego identifies us, it doesn’t disappear and its already time we make peace with being human.

The good thing is, our ego is good. We survive through it. It is where our identity originated from and it now has the responsibility of keeping us safe.

We will be shaming our identity if all we do is shame our ego.

Therefore, anytime we instill fear in the ego, it’s like throwing it away because it immediately becomes unfamiliar with its boundary, unleashes its wrath and goes into flight mode.

The ego also creates or energetic holding patterns and keeps us in them.

Normally, the ego is never full. It has to stay in its comfort zone for it to feel fear, lack, and scarcity. It helps you stay in these holding patterns.

The ego is good. It teaches you how you wish to feel and shows you your energetic holding patterns when you get stuck.

Therefore, let’s try the boundaries of what we contemplate we know. You need to be open-minded to limitless possibilities.

Our wishes are here already.

You want many things but your beliefs are of the contrary opinion.

The following sayings build our paradigm:

  • Receiving it is not safe.
  • Who am I to receive that?
  • I don’t have to receive that since I’m not good enough.
  • What do I have to do to earn that?
  • I am not that type of individual so how can that be possible?