Journey of Being an Empath

Journey of Being an Empath

An empath will go on a life journey that can lead them through both darkness and light. It is a place between the soul and the body that allows their life to be complete, but not without pain and sorry.

A soul that is serious and a soul that is on a mission to help others and to make their lives complete. The soul will have much light but there will be many challenges and dark feelings along the way.

Empaths know that their mission is to help others, but they are still learning. Some will learn from the older folks who are there to teach them. This mission is one that the empath does not talk to and is one that takes stamina to complete. The empath will become mature as he or she reaches their soul journey.

An empath has much wisdom and even more sensitivity. They are full of intuition and they use the energy forces of the universe to live their life and to help others. The planet earth is the energy shift that the empath uses to understand man and to have balance and attention to those that need it.

Empaths balance energy and they sometimes feel sad and depressed along the way. They may even feel that they have a mental disorder or that they are bi-polar. People might see them as having something wrong with them and they might have a hard time understanding the balance of energies that the empath has.

It might take an empath years to understand the imbalances of energy and to really understand their job on this planet.

It has been proven over and over again that energy comes in many different forms. All things have energy and even the bubble that surrounds us, or our aura, is full of energy. The energy is there in and outside of the human body and is an energy field that the empath uses.

An empath that deals with this kind of energy has a range of vibrational frequencies and might be surprised by their gifts and by the role that they play on this earth.

The vibrational frequencies of an empath can go up and down and can shift throughout their day. They pick up the energy of those that they are around and even of things and rooms that are full of energy. These souls work hard in order to do what they need to do so that they can help others and evolve.

People that are empaths often have depression and can become very overwhelmed in their life. They look for hope and desire to have peace and are often bombarded with darkness. They might experience physical pain, muscle discomfort and sickness.

The empath can have relief when they learn to journal what they are feeling and learn to separate their own feelings from those around them. They have to be mindful and learn to understand the pressures of their mind and body. They have to remember that these feelings pass and that even when things are hard, they can do it.

An empath needs to learn to relax, close their eyes and take in the power of the earth. They need to meditate and breathe so that they can shift their energies from negative to positive. They need to know their sensitivities and learn to follow their intuition and most of all, to rest.

It is very important that an empath spend time working towards their awakening and working towards making the planet beautiful.

Being an empath is a gift and the empath must learn to embrace this gift and learn to control their feelings and emotions so that they do not become overwhelmed. Remember, the universe has given you this gift, embrace it.