Having Dolphin Spirit Guides

Having Dolphin Spirit Guides

Communicating with the spirit world can be very rewarding and this can lead you to a place where you can trust your spirit guides and develop your understanding. Dolphin guides are some of the guides that you can have that will help you along your journey.

Dolphins are animals that are very known to be playful and fun and to have a good sense of humor. There are many different species of dolphins and connecting with a dolphin guide can leave you feeling healed and happy.

A dolphin spirit guide can mean that you have a good lifestyle and that you are possibly a healer. This means you can have healing energy, or the energy can flow from you.

If you find that you are very playful then you might have a dolphin guide that is there with you.

Here are some ways you can know if you have a dolphin spirit guide:

Blue, Gray and Aqua

Do you find that you love blue colors? You love to wear blue and paint blue on your walls? Anytime you change your coloring, you choose blue? If this happens, chances are you have a dolphin as your spirit guide.

Dolphin spirit guides can show themselves by what colors you pick. They will love when you choose colors that look like the oceans. They also love sunset colors and they love ocean patterns that you will use.

Flow Lifestyle

When you want to be yourself, you can also go back to your life of flowing and living on the moment. When you live your life, do you allow yourself to have freedom and to do things you want?  Do you wish to just go with the flow instead of always doing things in a certain time or order?

Do you find that your outfit choices are changing and that you are drawn to flowing clothing? Maybe you even find that you like to go to the playground and play. If you find you are feeling these things, then chances are you have a dolphin guide.

Dolphin guides will be there to make you feel safe and allow you to be freer.


If you feel like you are in the mood to play a lot lately, chances are that you have a dolphin guide. This might mean that you want to socialize with others and that you have increased your playfulness with others.

Have you decided to get rid of hard things you are doing and want to play more? Do you feel that your soul is playful and fun? If so, you might have a dolphin guide giving you a happy lifestyle.

Vibrational Waves

Dolphins like to communicate with their spiritual beings including humans. They will do this by sending sounds that come from the waves. These sound can be different rhythms and allow you to communicate by vibrational signals.

The guide will send their energy to your energy field and you will feel what they are saying to you. If you have clairsentience, you can use words that will connect you more to your guide.


Dolphin guides want you to be healed and they want you to seek healing when you need it. The dolphin guides will help you with sound healing, vibrational healing and even Reiki healing.

Healing can come from waves and light, especially if you have a dolphin guide. Using waves and rhythms to heal you can help you in your life.

If you have noticed that you are practicing healing a lot lately, chances are you have a dolphin spirit guide.


Here are some signs that you might have a dolphin guide:

  • Feel drawn to colors of the ocean.
  • Want life to flow.
  • You feel like you are more playful than ever.
  • You use healing energy.

If you have found that you see these signs, you can tap into this energy by meditating and asking your dolphin guide to come to you. Ask them to give you a message.

When your life is more playful, you have connected with the energy of your dolphin guide and you are becoming who your guide wants you to be.