How to Ask Angels for a Love Connection

How to Ask Angels for a Love Connection

Angels are love in action. This makes them the best option to talk to when we are looking to connect with someone new. While they are great resources, there are rules to follow in facilitating this interaction. Remember, there is always a “divine timing” in play when it comes to finding a partner and the angels make use of this. It may vary greatly from our timing, but the angels know when we are ready. Only then can they lead us to the right person who will be wonderful in our lives. We must be in the right place mentally, spiritually, and emotionally or the right doors cannot be opened.

Below are some ways to prepare ourselves so the angels can help us find love:


To find what we want in another person, we have to know what we want. This means a clear list of precise qualities that are must haves in our lives. We need to keep this list positive, even if it means reframing qualities. For example, say I desire honesty, not no more liars. If we think of only negative, that is what we are likely to attract. Positivity is highly important. If we are honest, many of us enter relationships with people we know have qualities we do not like. Since we have already learned what does not work, focus on what will.

Being clear on what we desire is so important, we should write it down, whether for a new romantic partner, friend, or business associate. This further clarifies our intent so we are open to the correct qualities. Too often we forget to focus on the important qualities and attract someone that is not right for us. Perhaps we just forgot something important. For example, we find someone intelligent, kind, and funny, yet they lie. This teaches us to add honesty to the list. We can learn and grow from every relationship, even when it fails. With the next partnership, you learn.


We need to focus ourselves on positivity to attract someone positive. There are times when we seem to only find losers and downers, but this could be because we are not radiating positivity and joy. This is not an expectation of endless happiness, but when looking for new beginnings, it is best to start with a positive attitude. Many will hate to hear this because they are waiting for someone to “complete” them, but it is always best to be happy with ourselves, free from our own issues, before including someone new. The angels work best when we are positive about ourselves, life, and a future mate. If we are drained of energy, it is tough to attract someone. We need to recharge ourselves, get things in order, and then look for someone new to create a fresh story. We must also keep in mind that our future partner may not be ready to meet us yet and this is why there is a pause in our relationship status.

Have a Ceremony

Some people find a ceremony will help focus intent and send the message directly to the angels. This is not necessary, but may be helpful. Ceremonies and ritual can create power when completed with the right intent. They help restart our subconscious. This can be something simple like cleaning your home or energy field, then lighting a candle (red, pink, or white) and reading the list of necessary positive qualities. This can be read aloud, a prayer can be recited, or meditation can be helpful. Some may prefer burning pictures of an ex as a release and tossing items associated with them. This can help to clear the aura and make intents clear.

Calling on Angels

Some people chose to call on specific angels to help on a journey like this. There are lists of angels, but no specific one is necessary because any angel can help. You can call on your guardian angels or archangels like Chamuel, Haniel, Michael, or Cassiel.

The Highest Good

When inexperienced in love, we are likely to make plenty of mistakes, but this is normal and necessary to understand what we want and need. Learn from these mistakes and then move on. Any negative relationship is for our higher good and can lead us to greater things.

After Asking, Let Go

Once we have taken the steps and asked for help, let go and relax. We may want immediate results, but stressing does not help, it hinders. We must stop wishing and fighting so it can naturally flow to us. When we constantly focus on problems, we give them the power to continue, but relaxing shows faith.

Try Affirmations

Try combining asking the angels with positive affirmations for the best results. There are many out there to help you along the way. This will help you find luck in love.