Psychics and Gifts

Psychics and Gifts

There is a difference between the different giftings that psychics have such as between a medium and a psychic and sometimes the giftings cross over and become stronger. Most people have one strong or dominate gift but can have multiple gifts. Most psychics have the abilities to connect with the past, present and future and to find out the soul path of others.

Psychics have different tools that they can use called divination tools and these can be tarot cards, palmistry, psychometry and crystal balls and they use these gifts to increase their powers. This helps them to focus on their client and to look into the spirit world.

These psychics work with energy and intuition and they talk with the spirit world and they get information and signals from the spirits so that they can change their awareness of the world around them.

The psychics often use the tools to help them work through the world and they get signals and senses and become aware of things around them.

Developing Gifts

The gifts that the psychics have are interesting and their abilities allow them to discover who they are and the talents that they have.

The gifts are often given to the psychic at birth but some of the gifts do not develop until later in life and this can have to do with karmic reasons. Whenever these gifts show up, they become different and have different outcomes.

The skills bring about an awakening and the psychic abilities will successfully develop. Some will automatically begin to work, and the energies and skills will be developed, and the skills can allow the psychic to begin energy work.

Psychic Abilities

There are different psychic abilities that people are born with and some that are learned.

Energy Work

Since everything is full of energy, energy workflows through the psychic and allows them to work.

Energy Manipulation

One of the skills of manipulating the energies can work in and out of the body and this is where development starts.


Programming energy such as crystals and balls of energy in the body can help there be more skills.


Anomalous Cognition or Extra-Sensory Perception is when information comes to the psychic means.


When a psychic can send and receive information through the mind.


Having a deep sense of emotions through psychic means.


Being able to read into the future. This is often in the mind or in the eyes or through visions.


This is getting information from the past.


Seeing things in the mind or the inner eye.


Being able to hear things in your mind such as someone whispering or speaking.


Being able to sense the energies around you.


Having skills in order to feel the energies of objects when you hold them.

Remote Viewing

Being able to see objects in different areas with normal senses.


Part of the clairvoyance gift that allows people to see the aura of others.

Astral Projection

Going to different dream planes.


Using rods and pendulums to see energies.


Defending abilities and creating things that can scare spirits away.


Psychic skills that change the reality such as walking through walls.


Seeing random things happening such as rolling dice to make objects somewhere else move.


A place in the psychic realm that can help to heal spiritual or physical wounds.


Everyone has some psychic powers and energy that makes up the person that they are. These psychic gifts should be embraced and developed. Knowing your gifts can help you to know them and use them which can make them stronger and more effective.