Attracting People for Specific Relationships

Attracting People for Specific Relationships

Maybe you attract people and you think the Law of Attraction can help you to find your soulmate.  You might look and watch videos on how to attract them and how to know if they are there around you.  The Law of Attraction can be confusing, and it can confuse people that this can bring about your life partner.

When you want to attract a certain person, you have to understand that this is an ideal that your partner or soulmate will be action oriented in wanting to be found.  You will manifest your ideal partner when you learn to practice action-oriented approaches and to be committed to bring them to you.

The Law of Attraction is not magic it is base don your thoughts and emotions and has to be a positive thing.  The Law of Attraction governs everyone’s thoughts and ideas and you have to hold your thoughts and emotions at the highest energy level.  These things help to shape your life and give you power.

Everything is based on energy and you attract energy by who you are and what you are thinking.  You have experiences that are reflections of your thoughts and they bring action. The universe knows what you are thinking, and your vibrational frequency tells it all.

You are able to alter the way that you have your life based on the Law of Attraction and this isn’t just about finding love but, in your job, and in your body as well.  You can use this law to attract a person or things.  You can find your ideal person by having a good intent and by doing this with an open mind.

Even if you have waited many years to experience this love and have had countless breakups, that doesn’t matter.  You still have to have a specific person in your mind and have clear intentions when you call on them.

You need to know what traits you are looking for and what kind of relationship you want.  The universe knows things and once actions happens, your relationship will be on board and you will meet your goals and your dreams.

You have to practice all of the steps and be honest with yourself.  If you want to change your relationship status or find true love, do these things.


You have to be specific about what you want.  The universe is at a high frequency vibration and it will experience your magnetism.  You will have to be clear about what you are trying to manifest and write it down on a piece of paper.

The universe will attract someone that is supposed to be yours, but you have to ask the universe to give you that person.  Ask the universe what you should write down and what you should ask for.

Don’t limit yourself on what you want and your goals.  Have your universe tell you what your desires should be and don’t allow your negative self to take over.  Ignore this and express what you want.  Be honest and loving and caring to others so you can attract the same.  Be focused on your actions and do what you need to do.

You will not manifest your partner if you have no idea on what you want.,  You have to know the person you want and what your want in your life.,  Find a way to find this out in your head and then write it down.  Be clear and focus on what you want and be positive.  Let your dream person come to you.


Use a vision board and make a presentation on what you want in your relationship.  Find out what you desire and put this on your board.  When you are calling for your love, use the board as a vision board to guide you.  Let your mind look at the images and relate them to your own personal relationship ideas.

This will help you to connect to the universe and will help you to find what you really want and manifest it.  You can manifest your ideal love much faster if you practice this.

You can use charts and other pictures in frames on your vision board.  Cut them out of a magazine.  Have people holding hands and being kind to each other.  Put pictures of wedding rings on your board and pictures of happy couples.  Buy a wedding anniversary card and a birthday card for your future love.

Picture the country you want to live and where you want to go on your honeymoon.  Let the person be aware that you are calling them and manifest what you want and think about what you want them to look like and put your picture with that picture and buy a ring.

You have to write down things that are positive and goals for your relationship and put on our vision board.  Put down your desires and what you want in a partner.  Let your ideas be whatever you want and be honest.  Be specific in this goal.

Never use negative words and know that you can do whatever you want to do.  The Law of Attraction comes to positive things and stays away from negative things.

Your mind will accept your instructions even if you are positive or negative but if you are positive this will help.  Once you create your board, you have to put it where you can see it each day.  Take a picture of it on your phone so you can look at it all the time.

Print out the picture and keep it with you and stick your printed vision board on your fridge or your mirror.  You have to keep track of your relationship goals.

You can get posters or images for your board that are based on what you want.


Use positive affirmation after you make your board and practice saying them.  Visualize and say affirmations and do this repeatedly.  Your mind will connect with the universe and you will see a change.

Look at your board and imagine your goals in your life.  Be specific and imagine the person in your mind that you want to be with.  You have to visualize that you are in a relationship with them and that you are together right now.

You have to have this in a dream or think about it when you are awake.   Manifest this into the physical.  You practice this by being in a quiet place and meditate and open your eyes and visualize your relationship goals.  Use your energy to connect with your partner.

The best time to do this is when you wake up and when you go to bed at night.  You can do this a few times throughout the day when you have time.  The more you do it the better you can visualize things.  Set a goal and let it be positive.


Affirmations help your mind to know what you want and will not allow you to be negative.  You will ignore negative things and practice being positive.  The more you practice the better it will be., This can help to build your confidence and your self-wroth.

Use a mirror and when you are in front of it tell yourself that you love yourself and that you are good.  Talk about how great your personality is and that you are happy.  Talk about how much you love your husband or wife and that you are committed to the relationship.

Talk about respecting your partner and being with them.  Do not let your negative thoughts stop you form doing this and learn to be focused.

Focus on what you want and let it get into your mind.  Create a recording so you can hear yourself being positive when you are driving.

This approach will help you to practice the Law of Attraction and will manifest you a person in your life that you want.

Let Go of the Past

You have to let go of the past to attract someone else.  If you are negative about your past, your future will not come.  You have to let go of these things and be positive.  You deserve to be happy and to experience good things.

If you are always thinking negatively, you will not be able to get your life in order and to practice these positive affirmations.  You have to work on this and learn that you are strong and that hurtful things were learning lessons.


You have to learn to accept who you are and what you are doing in your life.  Learn to trust yourself and others around you.  Do not hurt yourself land treat yourself as a good person. Let the universe attract someone to you that is like you and that is full of love, like you give yourself.  This will give you more energy.

When you are positive with yourself, you will be thankful for the person you attract, and it will happen faster.  Your well-being will matter and will make you have stronger vibrations.  Be happy for all the things that you have and your traits and then you will be magnetic to your partner.  The universe will respond to the type of vibrational frequency that you have so keep them strong.


Always meditate to be strong and connected to the universe.  Do not be negative and release these feelings when you are meditating.  Connect with yourself and your spirit and be positive in your life.

When you finish meditating, go for a walk and go places that are full of nature like the beach or the woods.  Be positive and let your energy shine.  Do yoga and stay in good physical shape.  Engage in physical activities that keep you positive and fun.  Be happy with what you have and where you are going.

Grow with yourself and learn to be happy.  Be magnetic to others and let happiness be a part of your force and your positive energy.


Focus on what you want and base your energy on having self-worth.  Allow yourself to be happy and to become the person you want to be.  Engage in positive thoughts with yourself and do things that make you happy and give you positive thoughts.

When you have a positive growth, allow this to be another reason that you want to manifest your new love.  Be professional and loving and always be honest and positive in your thoughts.

You can take courses or do training that can help you to stay healthy.  Also, join a gym or find something positive to be involved in.  Do things that keep you focused on being positive and keep you happy.  Focus on your family and your friends and your religion.

Your mind will give you positive thoughts and ideas as you grow, and this will give you positive vibes and help you to be healthy.


Always be thankful and allow yourself to connect with the universe.  Express thankfulness to the universe for what it has done for you and allow yourself to live a happy life.

Make a thankful list each night and say it out loud to the universe.  Be positive and kind.

Like-Minded People

Hang out with people that are like you and have the same ideas.  Do not be around people that are negative of down.  Toxic people will bring you down and cause you to have blockages that you don’t want to have.

Be aware of who you are hanging around with and find positive people to be your friends. They will encourage you and help you to be happy in your life.  The more people that you meet the better you will be but always pick and choose the right relationships.

Open Minded

Be open minded and do actions to take the next step. The Law of Attraction is not magic, but it is a way that you can take action and get what you want.

You cannot manifest someone faster if you stay home and have a closed mind.  Be open and accept what you are seeing.  Let the universe guide you and give you a happy life. Most people will want someone to know on their door and ask them to marry them, but this is not real.  There will be people that are like you that have positive vibes and you will encounter them over your time.

Be Sociable

Meet new people and have new relationships.  Get dressed up and go out.  Look nice and don’t force yourself.  Be fun and flirty but not overbearing.

There will be someone that will give you a positive reaction and will raise your vibrations.   Talk to them and learn about them.  Wear your favorite clothes and look nice and show that you are positive and happy.  Don’t be shy and know that you are deserving of happiness.

Your intuition will help guide you and help you to find the right people to talk to.  The universe is there to watch you and guide you and will always bring someone that you can connect with. When you feel connected, talk to them and get to know them.


As you begin to grow, you will see new goals and dreams are being made and you will find that there are many people to meet along the way.  You will find the right person at different places, just be honest and open.


There is nothing wrong with making new friends.  Embrace this and the more friends you make the closer you are to finding your ideal partner.  This will give you new opportunities and more fun.

Social Media

Be active about your life on social media.  Meet people all around the world and have intelligent conversations with them.  Interact with them and go beyond your boundaries.  Get to know people in your life and then you will grow.

Most people have an idea of who they want to be with, and they are probably using social media as well.  Take time to get to know people and to learn to trust them.   Associate with people that are like-minded with you and people that are positive.

Focus on meeting new people so that you can find your ideal person.

Say Hello

Make new friends by talking to them.  Go around and say hello and have a good attitude.  Learn to interact and get to know people.  People love positive people, so be one.  Be confident.

The people that you meet might show interest in you or you might just make a new friend.   Embrace this and be friendly with everyone.  Have a loving attitude and be fun.


Learn to show your thoughts and emotions and to attract a partner by being open. Do not be negative and learn to have mastery over your negative emotions.  You will be better when you can control your thinking.

Take your emotions deep within and learn to stop letting them control you.  Connect with other people and feel better about yourself.

Don’t Fake It

Let yourself be real and once you are happy and living a good life, you will meet your ideal partner.   You will be able to respond to this because you will know that this is the right time and the right place.

Allow yourself to be powerful and to not fake who you are.  Be real with yourself and be kind.

Take Action

Leave a space for your partner in your room, clear out a drawer, make up their bed.  Buy a card for your marriage or a birthday card for them.  Put the cards where you can find them when they come.

Replace your gifts that make you feel negative so you can open a positive space.  Put things away from your other relationships and focus on new things.

Make a vacation schedule or a trip to the mall.  Put this with your vision board and write about how you love to take trips.


Do not be desperate because this thing takes time.  It will not happen right away, and you have to learn to be calm and not to give up.  Take time to understand what is happening.

When you are desperate, it shows that you are immature, and it can cause you not to have your partner come faster.  The universe knows when you are ready.


Learn to accept your person even before you meet them.  You have to focus on relationship goals but also learning to be attracted to the other person.  Allow yourself to understand what you want and when you can read this person with your intuition you are ready to meet them.

Let the other person know that you are humble and kind and that you have love.  Take time to understand them and give them your attention.  Be positive and accept the relationship.

Don’t make decision based on looks alone.  Doing this can cause you to miss out on true love.  The person you meet will want to feel like you deserve them and that they deserve you.  Be honest and upfront and share everything that you are feeling.

When you have a strong bond, you will be able to accept them into your life and commit to a relationship.


Be logical and determine your partner.  Let our intuition guide you and the universe will help you.  You might meet people that are like your perfect partner but that is not your perfect partner and you have to make a decision.

When you find the right person, you will be connected emotionally, and you will need to focus on the person and listen to your intuition.


Write down the traits of someone you want to attract.  Learn how you want to be tied to them and find out what qualities you desire.  Imagine yourself committed to them and what traits will attract you.  Be honest with yourself and learn to practice these techniques without stress or negativity.