Dog Breed that Fits Your Zodiac Sign

Dog Breed that Fits Your Zodiac Sign

When you think of a best friend, you will often think of a dog. A dog is known to be man’s best friend. Do you wonder what kind of dog you should add to your family?  Maybe you want one that is strong or playful or one that is loyal and kind. There are so many dog breeds that you can choose the right one for you. Look at the zodiac and see which dog would make your perfect pet!


Aries are people that are strong and that love challenges. If you are an Aries, you might want to get a Boarder Collie dog. These dogs are hard working dogs and they have a lot of energy which makes them a perfect partner to the Aries’ sign.


Taurus signs are people that love to be outside and see the beauty in everything they do. If you are a Taurus, chances are you should make the Golden Retriever your best friend. This dog is orange in color which means they are beautiful to look at. They also are one of the most loyal and social dogs and so they will make a perfect match!


Gemini’s have two different sides and they do not like to compete with others. Since they do not enjoy competition, the Corgi might be their best friend!  The Corgi dog loves to run and play and to socialize and they will make a perfect owner and let the Gemini be in charge!


The Cancer sign is a person that wants someone to want and need them. Since the Cancer feels this way, having a Pomeranian dog could be a perfect match. This dog is needy, loving and wants to be loved, just like the Cancer is willing to give.


The Virgo is a sign that loves to be outside and in nature. Since this is one of their mannerisms, the Bloodhound might be a perfect match. This dog will have respect for its owner and will have a bond that happens fast and will last forever.


Libra’s are signs that love material things and love to look good. They love to show off their skills and their sense of fashion. The Libra can have a perfect partner with a Shih Tzu. The Shih Tzu is a high priority dog and requires extra care and attention. They love getting their nails and hair done just like the Libra and would make a perfect match!


The Scorpio sign has eyes that will take your breath away. They want to have a strong bond with someone. Since this is the personality of the Scorpio, the Saluki will be the perfect pet. They are loyal and possessive, and they have eyes that keep you drawn in.


Sagittarius signs love adventures and changes. Since they love to be always moving, the Australian Shepherd can be the perfect pet. This dog loves to be on the move, loves to be with its owner and loves to have a happy life together.


Capricorns love to help change people and to make them the best they can be. They work hard and they have practical ideas. The Schnauzer would be a perfect pet because they train easily and are very smart.


Aquarius’ love to be kind and loving and so the Saint Bernard can be one of the best pets for this sign. The Saint Bernard is one of the kindest and most loving dogs, loving to help others just like the Aquarius does.


The sensitive and gentle sign, the Pisces are often looked down on because they want to be alone. They are not selfish but just very emotional. Because of this, the Poodle can be the perfect pet. They can work together to help others and they can take care of each other’s emotional needs.


Look at the list above and see which pet would make the perfect partner in your life!